Ryusaku's works

*songs (& inst. music)

  Metal generation 1 o025

  Sirube (corner stone) o021

  Hakadoran o013

*Kangaku music

"Kangaku" means a music with woodwind and brass.
  Kangaku No.3 o017

  Kangaku No.2 o016

  Kangaku No.1 o015

*Kangatt (correctly, Kangaku Gasso kyoku)

"Kangatt" means a music session with woodwind and brass. It's only my term.

   Kangatt b No.2 o024

    Kangatt b No.1 o023

  Kangatt No.3 small session o012

  Kangatt No.2 small session o019

  Kangatt No.3 o020

  Kangatt No.2 o014

  Kangatt No.1 o018

*ren series (within Jap's trad style)

  Kangatt ren o026

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