Ryusaku's works

o027 "woodwind and harmony 1" (with Hichiriki pipe) 2023.12.8 released.
o026 "Kangatt ren" 4th. ver. (with Hichiriki pipe) 2020.7.30 released
o025 "Metal generation 1" 2020.1.25 released
o024 "Kangatt b No.2"(played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)(with Hichiriki pipe)2019.5.15 released
- "Kangatt ren" 3rd. ver.(with Hichiriki pipe)2018.12.13 released
o023 Kangatt b No.1"(played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)(with Hichiriki pipe)2018.10.31 released
o022 "Hakadoran" ver. 2-2 2017.11.29 released
o021 "Sirube" ver.2 2017.8.17 released
- "Kangatt ren"(with Hichiriki pipe)2017.4.18 released
o020 "Kangatt No.3" 2nd. ver.(played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)(with Hichiriki pipe)2017.3.20 relleased
o019"Kangatt No.2" small session (played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)2017.1.31 released
o018 "Kangatt No.1" 3rd. ver. (played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)(with Hichiriki pipe)2016.12.12 released
o017 "Kangaku No.3" 2nd. ver.(with Hichiriki pipe)2016.11.1 released
o016 "Kangaku No.2" 2nd. ver.(with Hichiriki pipe)2016.10.30 released
o015 "Kangaku No.1" 2nd. ver.(with Hichiriki pipe)2016.10.29 released
o014 "Kangatt No.2" 3rd. ver. (played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)(with Hichiriki pipe)2016.10.28 released
o013 "Hakadoran" 2nd. ver. 2016.6.25
o012 "Kangatt No.3 small session" (played with : Garritan personal orchestra &c.)2016.4.30
o011 "Kangatt No.3"(with Hichiriki)2016.4.2
o010 "Kangatt No.2" 2nd. ver.(with Hichiriki)2016.3.29
o009 "Kangatt No.1 2nd. ver.(with Hichiriki) 2016.3.26
o008 "Kangatt No.2" 2015.8.14
o007 "Kangaku No.3" 2015.7.22
o006 "Kangatt No.1" 2015.5.28
o005 "Kangatt n.1 & n.2" 2015.4
o004 "Sirube" 2015.4
o003 "Kangaku No.2" 2015.4
o002 "Kangaku No.1" 2015.4
o001 "Hakadoran" 2015.4
l022 melody & chords "Kangatt b No.2" 2019.6.14
l021 score "Kangatt b No.2 part2" 2019.6.8
l020 score "Kangatt b No.2 part1" 2019.6.8
l019 melody & chords "Kangatt b No.1" 2018.11.27
l018 score "Kangatt b No.1" 2018.11.5
l017 score "Sirube" 2017.11.12
l016 score "Kangatt No.3" 2nd.ver. 2017.3.28
l015 score "Kangatt No.3 small session" 2016.12.20
l014 score "Kangatt No.1" 3rd. ver. 2016.12.12
l013 score "Kangatt No.2" 3rd. ver. 2016.12.5
l012 score "Hakadoran" 2016.8.19
l011 Clavier score 'Kangatt n.32' 2016.8.7
l010 Hichiriki score "Kangatt No.3" 2016.5.17
l009 melody & chords "Kangatt No.3"2016.4.11
l008 melody & chords "Kangatt No.2"2015.9.10
l007 melody & chords "Kangatt No.1"2015.9.7
l006 Hichiriki score "Kangatt No.2"2015.8.25
l005 clavier score 'Kangatt n.3' 2015.7.28
l004 Hichiriki score "Kangaku No.3"2015.7.22
l003 Hichiriki score "Kangatt No.1"2015.7.12
l002 Hichiriki score "Kangaku No.2"2015.4
l001 Hichiriki score "Kangaku No.1"2015.4

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